The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Review

Awesome may be an overstatement, but “everything is solid fare for the children” gets my approval; if you liked The Lego Movie, then you will like the second part. The first one may have a slight edge on this one but not much, they are about equal. 
            Five years after the events of the first film, Bricksburg has now become Apocalypseburg, and it’s Lego Mad Max. The turn to a more dark and brooding society comes after the invasion by LEGO DUPLO who destroy anything colorful. When a general from an outer world comes to take Apocalypseburg’s toughest heroes (excluding Emmet), it is up to Emmet to find his friends and save the Lego world again.
            The Lego Movie was a big deal when it came out, being a fresh and smart use of the classic brick building toy put to the big screen; it would then spawn off a franchise of three more films. I didn’t fall in love with the film, like some others did, but I still liked it. And I have the same feeling toward The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. It has good humor, with references and jokes that primarily cater to children but occasionally adults can appreciate too. The film has a catchy soundtrack, going all in on the musical idea; characters really do break out into song throughout the movie (but it’s not too much anyone who doesn’t enjoy musicals will take problem with). The voice acting is solid, Elizabeth Banks doing the most standout work voicing Wyldstyle; her character takes over the film and is the most compelling. Will Arnett’s Batman is still my favorite part (excuse my Batman bias). Chris Pratt keeps Emmet endearing in his sweetness and innocence, however there is a twist regarding his character later in the film I found to be an interesting choice that worked. 
            The real problem with The Lego Movie 2 isn’t even much of a problem, more so depending on what you’re watching it for. Are you trying to get the kids out of the house? Go ahead, it’s great. But are you yourself interested in watching it? Then understand the film definitely goes for the family friendly vibe and may make you feel childish at times. Lego Batman is the best Lego movie because it was able to find a balance between being appropriate and fun for kids, and yet still appealing to adults, and so it was great for audiences of all ages; all you had to be was a Batman fan. The Lego Movie 2, just like the first one, doesn’t find that balance and does lean towards the kids. 
            The Lego Movie 2 keeps its pieces in check and builds something that is enjoyable and will make you happy, but it follows the same directions of the first tonally and many who fell in love with the first one, probably aged out of the target demographic this time around. 7.5/10

Author: Teddy Frederick

Movies have been my passion since I was a young teenager. I had realized how much I loved going to the theater and watching something on the big screen, and I wanted to feel that sensation as often as possible. I began seeing as many movies as my schedule and wallet could allow, and in wanting to give back to the film community and myself, I wrote film reviews. I first posted them under the audience reviews of Rotten Tomatoes; if I ever go back to those posts now I cringe at the writer I used to be. In 2018, I had the idea to start my own space to post my content and thus Movie Reviews Today was born. I am a film and media studies student at Arizona St. University. I am also a three-year shift supervisor with Starbucks. My hope is to soak up as many movies and movie knowledge as I can moving forward and to share my passion with my readers.

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