Ma Review

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Don’t make me watch this movie alone…too late, I already did, and considering the film is about a crazy lonely person, I can’t say I’d recommend the solo experience. Watching Ma by myself made me feel way too much like the central antagonist, and I do not like that. But otherwise, the film is entertaining and takes its premise to a level I did not expect. 
Teenagers want to drink and party. Ma, a vet assistant, buys them the goods and offers a safe haven for them to conduct their habits. Letting her own traumatic high school past seep into her intentions, things start to get weird at Ma’s house. 
A co-worker of mine implored me to go see this film, curious of what my reaction would be, stating it was one of those movies that would make you go WTF; after watching Ma, my only reaction was WTF. When the credits began to roll, my fingers were visibly shaking, and the only thought racing through my head was “What the hell did I just watch?” I was unnerved, distraught, and while I’m sure horror buffs have seen way worse, Ma got to me. It surprised me how uncomfortable the film made me. And even better, the film is self-aware of what it is: a cheesy date-night horror thriller. So, there are laughs to be had as well while watching the film. There are multiple occasions where something will happen unexpectedly or be so ridiculous, you can’t help but find humor in them; under no circumstance should you take this film seriously. 
When the trailers say, “See Octavia Spencer as you’ve never seen before,” they aren’t kidding. She is wild, and totally sells being this crazy lady hell-bent on revenge. Ma reminds me of Michael Myers if he was a black woman who partied with teenagers before he killed them, and in the latter half of the film, Spencer transforms into an intimidating force. 
Ma is silly fun, blending thrills with laughs, but what truly makes this film worth seeing, is Octavia Spencer having the time of her life in a role we wouldn’t normally get to see her in. 7/10

Author: Teddy Frederick

I'm a coffee addict, so I work at Starbucks. I'm receiving an education at Anne Arundel Community College. I sometimes dabble in campfire guitar songs. But above all else, movies are my life. Watching them, learning about them, reviewing them, there's nothing I'd rather be doing.

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