Gemini Man Review

Rotten Tomatoes
Henry Brogan, master sniper, elite assassin, bad-ass, played by Will Smith, is hunted down by an elite assassin, bad-ass, played by a younger-looking Will Smith. Remember the movie Looper? Kind of like that. 
Gemini Man is a forgettable mess. The script apparently went through production hell, resulting in a culmination of multiple writers’ work, and it shows. The dialogue is subpar, the characters are bland, and the plot moves from one tired trope to the next. The only reason I cared one bit about Brogan, is the fact that he is played by Will Smith, a guy hard to not like. Speaking of Will Smith, his de-aged lookalike did not look awful, it never took me out of the film which was one of my concerns going in (not like expectations were high).  
Gemini Man also made news due to its ridiculously high frame rate of 120 fps, which most theaters cannot display. So, the majority of us can’t even watch the film the way Director Ang Lee (Life of Pi) intended us to, go figure. He also intended for the film to be seen in 3D, but in no way do I recommend paying up to see this film; I don’t recommend seeing this film at all.  While the film is visually sharp, and the action sequences are exciting, despite having seen most of them in the trailer, there is hardly a redeeming factor for the movie. I hoped for dumb fun, but all I got was dumb. Will Smith deserves better. 5/10

Author: Teddy Frederick

I'm a coffee addict, so I work at Starbucks. I'm receiving an education at Anne Arundel Community College. I sometimes dabble in campfire guitar songs. But above all else, movies are my life. Watching them, learning about them, reviewing them, there's nothing I'd rather be doing.

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